San Agustinillo-Beaches-Casa Mihale-Safe Warm & Friendly

discover San Agustinillo Mexico and stay at our casa


Pochutla is a short 15 min ride from San Agustinillo with easy service using the white “colectivos” that run from Puerto Angel to Pochutla every few minutes.  This is how the locals get from one place to another.

The cost is nominal- just a few dollars- and the ride is truely fun with passengers bumping along on the wooden benches taking in the great scenery on the way. 

Pochutla is a bustling hub for the area with an excellent variety of goods for sale.  If you time your visit to Market Day-which is once a week-you can find the main street overflowing with vendors selling their just picked produce, coffee beans ground from a curbside kiosk, or  seasonal flowers-huge bundles of white Calla Lillies wrapped in newspaper and tied with palm leaves for just a few dollars.

This is a great place to buy all your groceries if you are staying at Casa Mihale-or a fun day trip to see the sights and grab a lunch at our favorite spot.  

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