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Escobilla and the October Return of the turtles

The ReturnI have just returned from my favourite place, San Agustinillo. It was a quick trip to open up the Casa after the rainy season and prepare for the first guests. As I flew from Mexico City I was astonished at the lushness of the jungle as we headed for the coast. The heavy rains of the summer months had turned the dry desert into a carpet of emerald-green and it appeared to shimmer in the soft sunlight of the morning.

The big highlight was discovering our perfect timing of the trip for the return of the turtles on the beaches around San Agustinillo.

I was thrilled!

Just before dusk we boarded a borrowed van that Beto had arranged and was full of excited tourists that were about to see an amazing sight.

A quick 15 min ride down the highway and up an unmarked dirt road,  brought us to the wide beach of Escobilla patrolled by armed Mexican police.

What I would see next was nothing short of AMAZING!  It was something out of a national geographic documentary.

Thousands upon thousands of pregnant female turtles were timing the waves, riding them in to the shore to lumber up onto the sands and begin the laborious process of laying their precious eggs.

Totally immersed in their labour, the turtles were oblivious to us and all the other females around them, often bumping into each other, or climbing over those digging their hole.

The porcelain white eggs squeezed out over a span of an hour or more, were then gently covered back up and the sound of the flippers pounding the sand as they patted down their young for the 45 day incubation will remain with me forever.

I felt very small and insignificant witnessing this magical awe-inspiring event that has been unfolding each October since the world began.

This is worth planning a trip around!



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