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discover San Agustinillo Mexico and stay at our casa

Surfing San Agustinillo

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SURFING is sensational on the beaches of San Agustinillo- and you don’t need to bring your board rentals are easy-for all levels of expertise and if you are just starting out a lesson from San Agustinillo resident David-a very qualified instructor with years of experience on the water is a must.

David has a great following from his COCO LOCO SURF CLUB-it’s a recommended way to get familiar with the waves-especially if you are new to the sport.  You need to know there is a strong rip tide at times, and respect the power of the ocean.

During High Season- the Surf School has a palapa- right on the East side of the main beach-in the Low Season- head over to Mexico Lindo Y Que Rico on the beach where the boards are rented daily-Boogie Boarding- is just as much fun-stick to the Main Bay-where the breaks are protected-really great fun for all ages- and the waves almost guarantee a good ride every day of your vacation. See video under SURF CLASS on the website Go San Agustinillo

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